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The Apple PowerMac is the original workhorse of the Mac range - with its G4 and G5 processors. Used in design studios and video production houses, the PowerMac was built for powerful performance. Many people still use them today even though they were superceded by the Mac Pro in August 2006! To get your PowerMac to soar with the Eagles, take advantage of all of those PowerMac ram slots and get a memory upgrade. Your PowerMac needs ram to be installed in matched pairs - but you can have different ram for each pair (eg 2 x512mb + 2 x 1GB + 2 x 2GB etc). If you have spare memory slots in your PowerMac, get some more ram into them! If all your slots are full, then pull some of the low capacity modules out and replace them with 2Gb or 4GB ram modules. Your PowerMac will thank you for it and you'll get many more years of great service from it!