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The Apple iMac is a simply awesome computer. Its all in one style  was a revolution in its day and still turns heads! I purchased a second hand 17" Intel iMac for my mum recently and when I set it up for her she said "Where is the computer?" She thought the beautiful white iMac sitting on her desk was just a monitor! One of the best things you can do to get the best performance from your Apple iMac (regardless of whether it is a G4 iMac, a G5 iMac or an Intel iMac) is to upgrade the ram. The more ram (or memory) you put in your iMac, the faster it will work for you. It is super easy to upgrade your iMac's ram - particularly in G5 and Intel model iMacs. Check the installation videos that we have on our iMac ram pages - and you will see what I mean! So - get some more ram into your iMac - you will really notice the difference!