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7 Reasons to Buy Your Mac's Memory from MacRam:

We only supply lifetime guaranteed, high quality ram that that we KNOW will handle the high performance requirements of your Mac. We do not sell low quality ram!

We also guarantee that the Ram is compatible with the Mac it is intended for (whether it is an iMac, a Macbook pro, a Macbook or a Mac Pro - we guarantee that the memory we recommend for your mac IS 100% COMPATIBLE).

Quick delivery - by courier, your ram is usually delivered within 48 hours.

Delivery is fixed price ($8 Australia-wide for Registered Post or $11 for Courier). So you know exactly what the price will be BEFORE you order.

Secure Payment - your choice of Credit Card through St George bank or Paypal! Either way is totally secure because you NEVER give us your credit card details! Give them straight to the company doing the processing without having to trust the middle company!

Personalised Service - we will help you find the right ram for your Mac. Use our Live Help, Ram Finder or email support service.

Price! If all the reasons above havent convinced you to buy from MacRam, then how about the fact you will save a stack of dosh? Seriously! We are not talking a golden coin or two. In some cases, you could save hundreds of dollars. Here is an example - the image below was taken from the Apple Australia Online Store on 23 August 2011. It shows the options for upgrading the ram of a 2011 iMac. No - your eyes are not deceiving you. The price really is $720 for 16GB ram! Our price for a 16GB kit for the 2011 iMac is $199.95! Total saving is $520 and you get to keep the ram you pull out of your iMac!

Our Most Common Question: How do I know what ram my Mac needs?
This question is so common that we made a video! Watch our new video (3.15 mins) that shows you exactly how to find out what memory your Mac takes. If you still have a problem, just ask us! That's what we're here for! We will tell you exactly what ram your iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro or any other Mac needs and the maximum ram it will take. So don't stress about trying to find the right ram - just ask us!